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How Smart is IQ Really?

Written by Harriet Edmund and Published in Women’s Health and Fitness, August 2014. Click here for full article. Intelligence. capacity for understanding; aptitude in grasping truths, facts, meaning, etc. The Macquarie Dictionary is a good place to start this report – after all, discussing contextual characteristics
of something demands a fundamental definition, right? And since psychology [...]

Brain scans show for some, ugliness is all in the mind

This newspaper article published by Fairfax (The Age and Sydney Morning Herald) found here. A significant number of people seeking cosmetic surgery for a lumpy nose or misshapen mouth actually suffer from complex brain abnormalities. They are perfectly fine on the outside, but their brains are telling them they're ugly - and, in many cases, [...]

The healing power of silence

Finding time for peace and quiet brings many rewards, writes Lindy Alexander in The Age's Daily Life. See original article here. Silence is golden, or so the saying goes. We have never been more connected to each other, but as the hours we are contactable and available increase, our desire for silence also grows. A [...]

Revengeful fathers kill children to punish mum

Printed in The Age 23/4/14 -- Read here -- Men who kill their children do so to punish the mother, experts say, with the final act of revenge often punctuating a history of domestic violence. The children are a proxy by which they're getting back at the mother. Even in cases where there have not [...]

Muscle Dysmorphia, Bigorexia & Body Dysmorphic Disorder Brain Research

Pro anorexia, bulimia social media posts on the rise

- Published in The Age's Digital life. Full text - The young girl's collarbone juts forward, her ribcage taut and exposed like the withered bones of a sunken vessel, more threatening than sensual in this body display known as the ''bikini selfie''. Social networks have acted to try to minimise harmful behaviours by their users, [...]

When tanning becomes addictive

- Article published on (click here) - Desiring a golden glow is hardly unusual, but doctors say they are increasingly seeing people who have crossed the line to the point of addiction. Usually the result of body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) or obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), tanning addicts ignore skin cancer warnings to excessively tan, [...]

How to help children after Luke Batty trauma

This article first published on, click here for full article Children react to death in a different way to adults, says a psychologist who believes people should not avoid the oval where Luke Batty died. Children who witnessed the killing of 11-year-old Luke Batty at a Melbourne oval could re-enact the event as a [...]

Self-help guide issued for sufferers of body dysmorphic disorder

This article was first published on A disorder in which sufferers fixate on body parts they believe are imperfect is leaving them too scared to leave the house. They are also spending hours every day on social media comparing their pictures with other people. The trend has prompted WA health authorities to issue a [...]

Ugly is in the brain of the beholder

This story was published in the Monash University Newsletter. When people think of mental illness related to body image, the first thing that usually comes to mind is anorexia or associated eating disorders. But the lesser known body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) is five times more prevalent than anorexia and also causes higher levels of psychological [...]