Body dysmorphic disorder

/Body dysmorphic disorder

Understanding the complexities of body dysmorphia, and the celebrities who’ve spoken out about it

Article originally published in NowToLove on 23rd January 2020. While it's completely normal to experience a few self-doubts from time to time, for a small but significant number of people it's part of a debilitating and often hidden condition known as body dysmorphic disorder or BDD. "Body dysmorphia is a mental disorder where people are [...]

The risky obsession with building the perfect muscular body snaring Aussie men

A growing number of Australian men are obsessed with building the biggest bodies they can, going to extreme and potentially dangerous lengths to achieve idealised physiques. Experts say this behaviour goes well beyond vanity, with muscle dysmorphia — dubbed bigorexia — posing serious physical and mental health implications. Those men deepest in a body dysmorphia [...]

Selfie surgery

Written by: C Yabsley Air brushing and photo editing is no longer restricted to magazines and advertising. With apps such as Snapchat and Facetune on most smart phones, more and more people are editing their images to their liking. Taking it one step further are those who are seeking cosmetic surgery to permanently look like [...]

The Pain of Body Shame

This body dysmorphic disorder article originally appeared in Weight Watchers Magazine, written by Kimberly Gillan  When Charlie de Haas, 32, became a fitness model 
in her mid-20s she thought blitzing her body fat to 
six per cent would solve her image problems. But it only made things worse. The harder she worked out and the more [...]

Cosmetic Surgery & Body Dysmorphic Disorder Don’t Mix.

On ABC 2 HackLive TV show in March 2016. DO I HAVE BODY DYSMORPHIC DISORDER? - Do you believe you have a “defect” in part of your body or appearance? - Do you spend a lot of time checking this “defect?” - Do you hide or cover up this “defect” or fix it through diets, [...]

Bigorexia, Steroid Use & Psychology of Body Building

Why are some people fixated on their muscle mass? On HackLive TV show.

Australia’s muscle obsession fuelling steroid boom

Article from Triple J's Hack Bryce's alarm goes off at 4:40am. His gym clothes are already laid out - the daily routine is set: a workout, followed by the first of his six meals - carefully weighed and packaged, to be eaten at exact intervals through the day. After work, it's back to the gym. [...]

Biased brain and body perception

My research has focused on the brain function of people who see themselves as incredibly ugly, even though they look normal. This problem is called Body Dysmorphic Disorder, which is a mental disorder that affects 1 or 2 people out of every 100. That’s five times the prevalence of anorexia! Not liking the way we [...]

Difference between body dysmorphia and vanity

On KIIS FM talking about BDD

Book Published – Brain structure and circuitry in body dysmorphic disorder

Book by Dr Ben Buchanan now available on Amazon. Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) is a mental disorder with five times the prevalence of anorexia, affecting up to 2.4% of the general population. The main symptom is a fixation on a feature of appearance that they attest looks ugly and they may engage in repetitive and [...]