Melbourne Researcher Finds Brain Links In Ugliness Condition

This article was written by Anne Lu and published in International Business Times. Full article here. Plastic surgeries don’t help people who obsessively believe themselves to be ugly, according to a study by a Melbourne researcher. Using a new imaging technique, researcher Ben Buchanan uncovers a weak link in the brain of people with body [...]

What a ‘perfect’ woman looks like

Written by Kimberly Gillan, this article criticises trying to create an image of the 'perfect' female face. Full article from NineMSN A beauty retailer has surveyed men and women about female celebrities' best facial features and morphed them into two images that apparently epitomise the perfect female face. There are striking differences between what men [...]

Psychiatric help required after vaginal surgery

This is an article in The Age Newspaper - Nov 14th 2013. Professor David Castle and I collaborated closely on body dysmorphic disorder brain research so it is great to see this area getting some media headlines. Full story via The Age website ---------------------------------------------------- WOMEN as young as 18 are being referred for psychiatric treatment [...]

How to bounce back from failure

This article was written by Paul Taylor and published by News.com.au. Full article available here. DON'T panic! From getting fired to getting knocked back for a date, everyone makes mistakes, but it’s what you do in the aftermath that makes you stronger and smarter. It starts with that freezing sensation that rolls up the back [...]

3D Printing Brain from MRI Scan

As part of my braining imaging research I scanned myself in an MRI. It's nice to have an image of your brain to look at on a computer screen, but wouldn't it be amazing to have an actual model of your brain! With 3D printing becoming more accessible I decided to give it a shot! [...]

Affluenza, Identity and Materialism: Self-Congruence and Materialistic Values

I conducted this research to investigate the compensatory theory of consumption. This theory holds that insecurity about personal identity can lead to compensatory consumption of goods that align with the desired identity. Material goods take on the role as tangible representations of identity. The findings of this research highlight that valuing materialism is in fact [...]

Mental Health and St John’s Wort, Valerian and Omega-3

What Psychologists Need to Know About Three Common Complementary Medicines This review will focus on the use, action and effects of three complementary treatments often used for mental disorders. St John’s Wort, Valerian and Omega-3 fatty acids were selected because each has benefited from considerable research into their efficacy and action mechanisms. Evidence for the [...]

Chris Lilley’s Angry Boys Exposes Psychology of Powerlessness

Criticism has come thick and fast for Chris Lilley's Angry Boys on ABC TV: From morally outraged radio talk back callers to teachers concerned that 13-year-old students are emulating the antisocial behaviour depicted in the show, the discomfort that Chris Lilley's characters elicit has certainly stirred some feathers. The unfavourable judgments seem to be focused [...]