Why sexting should worry every parent – Psychologist

Anthony Weiner's downfall is an important lesson for parents.   Article published at The New Daily by John Elder There’s a scene in the documentary Weiner, where the disgraced US Congressman Anthony Weiner – felled by a [...]

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What drives parents to kill their own children?

IT’S unfathomable, inexcusable, sickening. Published on on 16th April 2016 The act of killing an innocent child is something most of us cannot comprehend. But an average of 25 children are killed each year [...]

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Cosmetic Surgery & Body Dysmorphic Disorder Don’t Mix.

On ABC 2 HackLive TV show in March 2016. DO I HAVE BODY DYSMORPHIC DISORDER? - Do you believe you have a “defect” in part of your body or appearance? - Do you spend a [...]

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Social media addiction, Fitspiration & Pro-Ana – A psychological perspective

Social media addiction is a growing problem with young people, and the research indicated that the more time we spend on social media the more dissatisfied we feel about our body. Sometimes this becomes such [...]

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Bigorexia, Steroid Use & Psychology of Body Building

Why are some people fixated on their muscle mass? On HackLive TV show.

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TV appearance on Body Obsession, ABC2

Screening as part of 'Naked As' Week, triple j's Hack host Tom Tilley moderates a live television event and social media experience to find out whether Australians are too obsessed with their bodies. #HackLive

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