How phone habits and social media drain our brain

Published in The Age 4th December 2014. By Katie Cincotta What social media is doing to our brain is akin to what it’s doing to our phones – constantly running in the background, draining our [...]

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Families on the edge: Whittlesea’s mental health pain

See the original article in the Northern Star Weekly. A South Morang-based clinical psychologist has backed a council-led push for more co-ordinated mental health services in the City of Whittlesea. Dr Ben Buchanan, a clinical [...]

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How Smart is IQ Really?

Written by Harriet Edmund and Published in Women’s Health and Fitness, August 2014. Click here for full article. Intelligence. capacity for understanding; aptitude in grasping truths, facts, meaning, etc. The Macquarie Dictionary is a good [...]

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Brain scans show for some, ugliness is all in the mind

This newspaper article published by Fairfax (The Age and Sydney Morning Herald) found here. A significant number of people seeking cosmetic surgery for a lumpy nose or misshapen mouth actually suffer from complex brain abnormalities. [...]

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The healing power of silence

Finding time for peace and quiet brings many rewards, writes Lindy Alexander in The Age's Daily Life. See original article here. Silence is golden, or so the saying goes. We have never been more connected [...]

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Revengeful fathers kill children to punish mum

Printed in The Age 23/4/14 -- Read here -- Men who kill their children do so to punish the mother, experts say, with the final act of revenge often punctuating a history of domestic violence. [...]

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