Dr Ben Buchanan

BA(Hons) GradDipPsych, DPsych (Clinical PhD), MAPS

I am a Clinical Psychologist working with adults and adolescents with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and relationship concerns. I have expertise in psychological problems that manifest and interact with physical concerns, and run the body image treatment program at Foundation Psychology Victoria in Balwyn.

As a neuroscientist and psychologist my work is grounded in established evidence as well as empathy. I publish scientific peer-reviewed research on the connection between brain function and behaviour, and have undertaken academic work at the Royal Children’s Hospital’s Murdoch Research Institute and  Monash Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre. I am a Lecturer at Monash University teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students.

In terms of clinical background, I have worked in the public mental health system, including Monash Medical Centre, Casey Hospital and Southern Health’s Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service. I hold degrees in philosophy, behavioural science and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology.

In my work I am driven by the belief that the discipline of psychology can not only have an impact on individuals in the context of mental health, but can also elucidate the psychological factors that influence personal decision making and society as a whole. I occasionally appear on TV and radio to comment on issues related to mental health, decision making, personality and body image.

My brain gif 2D

This is MRI scan of my brain from my Doctoral thesis. Just included here as a bit of fun!