Understanding the complexities of body dysmorphia, and the celebrities who’ve spoken out about it

Article originally published in NowToLove on 23rd January 2020. While it's completely normal to experience a few self-doubts from time to time, for a small but significant number of people it's part of a debilitating [...]

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The risky obsession with building the perfect muscular body snaring Aussie men

A growing number of Australian men are obsessed with building the biggest bodies they can, going to extreme and potentially dangerous lengths to achieve idealised physiques. Experts say this behaviour goes well beyond vanity, with [...]

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Selfie surgery

Written by: C Yabsley Air brushing and photo editing is no longer restricted to magazines and advertising. With apps such as Snapchat and Facetune on most smart phones, more and more people are editing their [...]

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How to break up with friends

Originally published on on 30th November, written by James Findlay Sometimes, breaking up with someone you're casually dating can be easy*. You probably don't have mutual friends, you might not have anything in common, [...]

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Secret ingredients that make Games of Thrones as irresistible as ‘salt, sugar, MSG and fat’

Published in the Daily Telegraph on 22nd July 2017.  IF YOU were among the nearly 800,000 Australians who tuned in to watch the Season 7 premiere of Game of Thrones, you don’t need to be [...]

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How to support a loved one living with an eating disorder

How to support a loved one living with an eating disorder (Article originally published by Triple J's Hack on 18th July 2017. Written by Ange McCormack) For 21-year-old Madeleine from Coffs Harbour, who spent eight months in [...]

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