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The Psychology of Cosmetic Surgery

Why do people get cosmetic surgery? Is the trend increasing? How does this inform, enhance or distort our self-identity?

Mirror Mirror – Todd Sampson Documentary

2021's best documentary on body dissatisfaction, Mirror Mirror, airing on Channel 10. In Mirror Mirror, Psychologist Dr Ben Buchanan helps advertising and marketing guru Todd Sampson explore the societal crisis of body image dissatisfaction and the manipulative trillion-dollar industries that profit from it.    Todd Sampson and Psychologist Dr Ben Buchanan Todd and Dr Ben Buchanan lift the [...]

The Pain of Body Shame

This body dysmorphic disorder article originally appeared in Weight Watchers Magazine, written by Kimberly Gillan  When Charlie de Haas, 32, became a fitness model 
in her mid-20s she thought blitzing her body fat to 
six per cent would solve her image problems. But it only made things worse. The harder she worked out and the more [...]