Psychologists reveal what your household clutter says about your state of mind

This article originally published in Fairfax's Domain on 23rd January, 2017. Written by Jane Hone In a world where we are seemingly surrounded by stuff, it’s no wonder we’re living more cluttered lives. With scores of books and [...]

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The Pain of Body Shame

This body dysmorphic disorder article originally appeared in Weight Watchers Magazine, written by Kimberly Gillan  When Charlie de Haas, 32, became a fitness model 
in her mid-20s she thought blitzing her body fat to 
six per [...]

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3 Tips For Getting What You Want In Life

And 2017 is upon us! I wish you all the very best for the coming year and I hope you’ll take the opportunity to reorient yourself to what matters most in your life. May this year [...]

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NovoPsych iPad app for Psychologists

Interview from the PsychFiles, 23rd December 2016 There are a lot of mobile apps that include the term “psychology” but many of them are just for fun. Are there any really good apps for psychotherapists? [...]

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Why sexting should worry every parent – Psychologist

Anthony Weiner's downfall is an important lesson for parents.   Article published at The New Daily by John Elder There’s a scene in the documentary Weiner, where the disgraced US Congressman Anthony Weiner – felled by a [...]

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What drives parents to kill their own children?

IT’S unfathomable, inexcusable, sickening. Published on on 16th April 2016 The act of killing an innocent child is something most of us cannot comprehend. But an average of 25 children are killed each year [...]

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